Personal Injury

Gerry Grunsfeld heads the Personal Injury department at Lazar Grunsfeld Elnadav. Mr. Grunsfeld has just been selected to New York Super Lawyers Rising Stars, an award granted to less than 2.5% of New York’s attorneys.

Mr. Grunsfeld has worked on some of the largest personal injury  cases in the last two decades, involving thousands of plaintiffs, and pay-outs of several hundreds of millions of dollars including:

  • Persons who died or sustained serious injuries after rollovers in Yamaha Rhinos UTVs
  • Largest LASIK malpractice award in the United States
  • Babies born with severe brain injuries due to obstetrical malpractice
  • Serious injuries sustained by construction workers

Mr. Grunsfeld spent the first ten years of his career defending personal injury cases and his initial stint defending personal injury cases allowed him to build up invaluable relationships with insurance adjusters he now turns to, to fast-track his clients’ cases and to go the extra mile to offer a fair settlement. In addition, during his ten years defending personal injury cases for insurance companies, Mr. Grunsfeld learned how to tear holes in plaintiff’s cases. He now uses these insights to ensure that his clients avoid the pitfalls that weaken so many plaintiffs’ cases.  Mr. Grunsfeld is a member of the prestigious New York State Trial Lawyers Association Medical Malpractice Committee.

The Lazar Grunsfeld Elnadav Difference

The majority of our cases come through word of mouth referrals. We believe that our clients have bestowed a significant honor and privilege upon our law firm by asking us to represent them. With this honor and privilege, comes solemn responsibility. We keep our clients informed as to the progress of their case, every step of the way. If our clients are able to contribute ideas and information to help progress their cases, we welcome their input.

Resolving our Clients’ Cases as Quickly as Possible

For many of our clients, the accident that led to litigation changes their life, in some instances, permanently. We strive to resolve our clients’ cases as quickly as possible so that we can bring them the closure and compensation they deserve and need, to help them rebuild their lives.  We are acutely aware that while the Firm handles hundreds of cases, for most clients, their case is the only one they have. For this reason, each case is fast-tracked so that it is resolved as very quickly and successfully as possible. We do not allow cases to languish due to our opponent’s failure to treat each and every one of our cases with the utmost seriousness and urgency.

Lazar Grunsfeld Elnadav aggressively fights for maximum and speedy compensation

for those injured by the following types of negligence:

  • Medical malpractice (obstetrical negligence, failure to diagnose, surgical negligence, etc.)
  • Products Liability (defective machinery, defective drugs, defective household products, etc.)
  • Auto accidents (including No-Fault claims.)
  • Premises Liability (claims against hotels, stores, restaurants, etc.)
  • Work accidents (construction accidents, injuries caused by defective work machinery, dangerous conditions, etc.)
  • Slip and fall (sidewalk falls, falls in stores, falls in restaurants, falls at work, etc.)

Most Recent Victories

October 2014 ($700,000)

Mr. Grunsfeld saw merit in a case a prominent Plaintiff’s medical malpractice firm rejected. In this case, the client’s treating urologist failed to provide adequate medical care leading to a loss of a kidney. Within two years of taking the case on, Mr. Grunsfeld had obtained a $700,000 recovery for his client.

May 2014 ($750,000)

Mr. Grunsfeld was able to obtain a total settlement of $750,000  from a Westchester  medical facility for the alleged wrongful death of a young child. It is believed to be one of the highest settlements in New York for a young child with less than 15 hours of pain and suffering.

September 2013:

Mr. Grunsfeld successfully moved for summary judgment prior to the commencement of discovery on behalf of a client involved in a serious auto accident. Mr. Grunsfeld obtained a rare decision granting summary judgment as to liability prior to the commencement of any discovery. However even after obtaining the summary judgment decision in his client’s favor, the battle was not complete as the insurer still refused to make a fair settlement offer. However, after a further month of battle with the insurance company, Mr. Grunsfeld was able to convince them to tender their full policy.

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